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A little context before this site is completely fleshed out

EXPORT TEMPLATES WILL BE ADDED TO THE SITE OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS AS WELL AS OTHER PLATFORMS For my personal project, I spent quite a bit of time researching all the different options on animating 2D objects for Godot. I find that Godot's 2D skeletal animation tools are lacking overall and the fact that you cant break things out into their own window makes it even more cumbersome of an experience. With that in mind, I found gddragonbones repo. It worked well and had been maintained up until Godot 3.2 but the maintainer didn't have the will or motivation to do the necessary work to get it working with Godot 4.0.

I took that upon myself and got it working. Additionally, I realized that there are probably many developers out there who would appreciate being able to have a completely free workflow with a fairly professional toolset. So I made this website hoping to gain some traction for this engine build. I will be looking to extend the integration to include slot manipulation (think character customization), event generation on certain frames passed into the engine and other features that may be requested. I will publish a new set of engine binaries and export templates whenever the Godot team tags the repository with a new stable release and label it as stable. I will also periodically rebuild the branch on latest master and label it as preview. With all that being said, I hope that this work is appreciated. If you'd like to encourage development, or make a formal feature request; I've got a paypal donation link on the navbar. Anything is appreciated; hosting isn't free. I also value my time :) Sincerely, Paul

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