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Godot DragonBones 3.2.51 released! (Patch Notes)

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I'm glad to say that I've just released a newer version of the binaries which includes all the recent work put into swapping slot displays. Tutorial content coming soon enough; however here are the patch notes and related pull requests

Patch Notes

Patch feature: Slot Swapping

You can now specify multiple children in the slots of your Dragonbones projects and switch between them at will at runtime. This enables a much greater level of customization.

New Functions

bool has_slot(const String &_slot_name) const; Color get_slot_display_color_multiplier(const String &_slot_name); void set_slot_display_color_multiplier(const String &_slot_name, const Color &_color); void set_slot_display_index(const String &_slot_name, int _index = 0); int get_slot_display_index(const String &_slot_name); int get_total_items_in_slot(const String &_slot_name); void cycle_next_item_in_slot(const String &_slot_name); void cycle_previous_item_in_slot(const String &_slot_name); void set_slot_by_item_name(const String &_slot_name, const String &_item_name); void set_all_slots_by_item_name(const String &_item_name);

Demo Code

extends Node2D onready var dragonbones_sprite = $Character onready var color_picker = $CanvasLayer/ColorPickerButton # Called when the node enters the scene tree for the first time. func _ready(): dragonbones_sprite.set_slot_display_index("slot_head", -1) dragonbones_sprite.set_slot_display_index("slot_face", -1) dragonbones_sprite.set_slot_display_index("slot_chest", -1) dragonbones_sprite.set_slot_display_index("slot_hip", -1) pass # Replace with function body. func next_in_slot(slot_name : String): dragonbones_sprite.cycle_next_item_in_slot(slot_name) pass


API Change:

  • func _handle animation_event(animation_name, ev_name) has new signature so you can now receive data from your events: func _handle animation_event(animation_name, ev_name, _int : int, _float : float, _string : string)

Bug fixes:

  • Duplicating in-editor now works.

Known Bugs:

  • Replacing resource file in-editor will not remove the old armature.

  • WORK AROUND: Duplicate the node with the wrong armature and delete the original. Alternatively, you can close / reopen the scene

Related PRs:

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